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Internet & E-Mail Setup.

  • Setup your broadband internet connection with your service provider and setup your E-Mail address.


  • Cracked Laptop Screens
  • Broken DC Power Sockets
  • Troubleshoot all types of problems.
  • Carry out any necessary repairs
  • Supply and install new units
  • Improve system by updating your software
  • Windows Updates/Service packs
  • Upgrade your hardware : Hard Drive, DVD /CD Rewriters
  • System Memory, Graphics Cards,
  • Processors and Motherboards.
  • All top quality products used to meet your individual needs.

System Maintenance

  • Would you like to have your PC looking just like new again
  • Compuhome Services will give your PC a full external and internal overhaul getting rid of all those marks and dust that builds up over a period of time
  • A full check on the Hard Disk cleaning out all unwanted files
  • PC Health Check -Tune-Up which will improve the performance of your PC and fix any security weakness it may have
  • Setup and manage an annual maintenance programme for your PC thereby extending it's life

System Recovery

  • Recover your PC from most crashes including saving / restoring your personal data after hard disk failure

System Build.

  • We are partnered with Dell distributors Ireland and can have your new dell delivered within 24 hours. We also custom build desktop pc’s designed to meet your individual requirements. Assist you with the design and specification, build the PC setup and install system transfer of existing data to new system

New Computer Set Up.

  • If you are planning to purchase a new PC, Compuhome Services is available to unpack, install and test for you. Configure Internet/E-Mail connection, transfer of data from old PC. Supply and install anti-virus/internet security, software, etc.

Virus & Ad-Aware/Spyware Removal.

  • Compuhome Services will carry out a full virus scan on the PC/ Laptop and remove any Viruses or Malware or found, ensuring a clean system and advice in the prevention of future infection.


Compuhome Services
Compuhome Services Compuhome Services
Compuhome Services  
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